Saturday, June 06, 2009

Gentle request of my non-law friends and family

I know that you are all trying to be supportive, but please, I am begging you, stop asking me about the bar exam! I don't want to detail for you what exactly I'm studying, what exactly is involved in bar prep, what exactly is on the exam, what exactly the practice exam that I took today entailed, or answer any other mundane questions you might think up for me about the bar between now and the end of July. When I actually have time to chat with you or meet up with you for lunch or dinner I want to think about anything BUT the bar exam. I want to gossip, talk about mindless TV shows, hear about work drama, etc. I do not for any reason want to discuss the bar. The problem with discussing the bar is that it not only stresses me out, but unless you are a law student or a lawyer you don't really get it and frankly you never will, no matter what or how much I explain.

My BFF just talked at me for the last 10 minutes about how she thinks it's great that the multiple choice part is the day after the essays because multiple choice in her mind requires less thought, creativity, and brain power. I told her that the bar exam multiple choice isn't like any multiple choice exam she's ever seen. When she didn't believe me I just gave up. I was just too tired and burnt out on it all to try and make her understand just how convoluted and hard the MBE questions are.

Interestingly enough, I don't mind talking about the bar with my law friends because they get it. Either they've already been through this hell, they're getting ready to go through this hell in the next 6-12 months, or they are currently in hell with me. Commiserating with comrades and colleagues is a great outlet of stress, but talking (or rather being forced to talk) about the bar with the rest of you isn't an outlet for stress at all, in fact it usually just ends up stressing me out even more.

I know you are all doing this because you care and because you are trying to be interested in what I'm spending the majority of my summer doing, but I just wish you would stop. I'm living and breathing the bar for the next 7.5 weeks for most, if not all, of each and every single damn day. So please, if you really care about how I'm doing with the barzam madness find something funny or interesting to talk to me about that doesn't have anything to do with the law or the bar exam. And if you really love me you'll start stocking up on the fun chick flicks and booze now so that when I finish this hell on July 29 I can get started on trying to forget any of this every happened.

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